Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wanted to let you know all is well.Haven't had any waves of note yet;but on the fun scale I'm having as much fun as a monkey in a banana factory.People are really responding to the Shepherd Center Campaign.I am optimistic it will translate into contributions when I leave Canada.The Shepherd Center contribution links are now working on so feel free to help our brave warriors.I have been on the road 10 days with 8 of those days helping Foster & Lila Folsom remodel their 200 year old cottage near White Point,NS. We have done everything from wall demolishing to pulling wire yesterday.Now that Lila has arrived with her camera/video expertise I will start adding pics/vid to the site. Foster and I have been surfing buddies since 1968 at Folly Beach SC. I will add pictures of the remodel.We found leather baby shoes that probably date to near Colonial times,Very Cool!!! The article about the trip made the monday edition of the Halifax newspaper;Rick Minter of the AJC in Atlanta forwarded it. I,m very appreciative and humbled by his thoughtfulness.Well we are all praying for surf.Maybe all the tropical activity in the Atlantic will kick some waves our way. Thanks for following my dream. Ralph

Ralph Williams

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