Saturday, August 30, 2008

8/30/2008 Halifax roundtrip

Drove to Halifax(2.5 hrs) one way to meet Kevin& Kathleen Dolan.Kevin is the son of a woodie club member who contacted me after reading the article in the local Halifax newspaper.They have a beautiful 47 Ford.We met at Lawrencetown Beach for a planned surf contest;unfortunately the waves did not cooperate.Kevin was very generous with his time and knowledge.We had lunch and he showed all the ins and outs of the local Halifax surf breaks.The potential is just breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly diverse in the way the local points and reef/shelves set up.In all my years of wave addiction I have never seen anything close to compare it to.I am discovering,as usual,that the real joy of Nova Scotia is not the waves but the people.If you want to experience the stoke of the 60's era of surfing again or for the first time;come spend some time with the surfers of Nova Scotia.These folks are truly welcoming in their approach both in and out of the water.KARMA travel is happening to me here.THANK YOU SO MUCH NOVA SCOTIANS!!!

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