Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bon voyage, Surfer Ralph! :-D

3:20 Tuesday,I'm sitting in the Rossignol Surf Shop in White Point Nova Scotia.The shop is the only place I can WiFi.Foster has shown all the local breaks and a swell is expected tomorrow.Had a 16 hour & 14 hour day driving.
Meanwhile: the lunch date with the Mayor of Greensboro went very well! I followed your advice (and thank you) .. she has about 12 different colleagues she's forwarding my resume to, with a personal note .. she's a peach!
Sending this to you about 3:45pm Monday .. wondering how far you've gotten today .. and where did you end up last nite? Massachusetts?
Keep on truckin' :-D
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Of course we both miss you terribly!!!! It was wonderful beyond words to have you here. And thank you again, you incredibly dear soul, for mowing our lawn!
We're always here for you, Ralph, Don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything we can do to help you. This might sound strange to say, but we're about as proud of you as we are of Ross.
We wish you ALL good luck with your marvelous Adventure. Please do give us a call when you get to Nova Scotia so we can look at the map and smile.
Much love from us both,. and from all 3 of the cats (who miss you, too!:-)
PS: Did you ever see my website? who knows, you might meet someone in your travels who's looking for a crackerjack conference director/event organizer :-)

Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams

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