Thursday, August 14, 2008


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From: Ralph Henry Williams <>
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 10:12 PM
Subject: Introduction

Welcome to site is about a life long dream of documenting an entire hurricane surfing season on the East Coast. I,Ralph Williams,started surfing in Virginia Beach ,VA during the summer of 1964. I have been fortunate to have surfed a great deal of the major surfing spots worldwide. I am at heart a dedicated East Coast guy. This blog will document and follow my progress from Nova Scotia to Florida from August 15th until December 1st,2008.It will include comments,video and still pictures.MOST IMPORTANTLY,I will be doing FUNDRAISING for INJURED SERVICE PERSONNEL. The non-profit I will raise money for is the Shepherd Center Foundation( an Atlanta GA based Catastrophic Care Hospital that specializes in paralysis, brain injuries and loss of limb; the three severe injuries being suffered by our brave and dedicated Marines,Soldiers,Air Force personnel,and Sailors. I will be driving a Viper red 1950 Plymouth resto-rodded woodie pulling a Silver Shadow Teardrop trailer by Little Guy.The car,that was built by Gene Rutherford,Bruce Fair and myself over the last 2.5 years,has a 350ZZ4 Corvette engine.a modern IFS front end,A/C,ETC,and should help attract attention to the cause.
I am tremendously excited to be fulfilling my dream,and combining it with such a humbling cause to help those who so unselfishly protect our freedoms.Please link on and give to the Shepherd Center Foundation and our brave,patriotic injured men and women.Thank You!  HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE WATER!

Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams

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Sharon Doughty said...

Congratulations on making a great start for your trip and endeavor. We will enjoy “tagging along” and watching your progress.

Sonya said...

Hey Ralph,
I just wanted to say bon voyage!!!!Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. Take care of you and we will be seeing you when you get home....

cowboyshe said...

Live your dreams, have fun doing so, and follow the karma trail. Seeing you as you drove away from the comfort of your home, heading off to the great wonderland of life, I couldn't help but reflect on my own life. With belief and some effort, we can realize the life we want to create. Raymond and I will be "waving" at you! Thanks for the inspiration!

Cardigans and Couture said...

Uncle Ralph,
Tom and I will look forward to watching your progress as you surf and travel for such a great cause. I know Tom will like hearing about the great waves, and as I have said before, we look forward to having you come out to oregon for some surfing!

Fran said...

Hi Ralph, Hope all is well on your adventure. You're staying out of trouble aren't you??? lol. Looking forward to picture's. Stay well and keep on trucking forward. You are in our thoughts. Keep the faith..Later..Fran

nem said...

Folks,great article on Ralph and his adventure in Saturday's 8/23 AJC newspaper. The link is


chad said...

Hey Uncle Ralph. Glad to see you made it north. I hope all is well. The trailer looks "comfortable". Be sure to post some pics of inside the trailer as well as pics along the way. Be safe and keep it 'tween the ditch's. And don't forget some video....