Friday, August 22, 2008

Live from White Point,Nova Scotia

08/22/2008:No surf yet;but this place is incredibly beautiful.Low 50's in AM and high 70's to low 80'sin PM.The topography of the coast is packed with points,coves,cobblestone beaches,sand beaches and offshore reefs and rock shelves.I will be working on my video and photo skills in the next 7 days to download to surferralph some visual proof of whence I speak.Foster and I are working on the remodeling of his cottage(circa 1780's) . He has done the major grunt work over he last 6 weeks;I mean "grunt" work.Tearing out walls,floors,commodes,rat nests,dust balls dating back 200 years,and discovering artifacts spread over the lifetime of the families that lived here.The Doggett family goes back at least 4 generations in the house;and all the closest neighbors are Doggetts.Nancy,across the street,remembers her great-grandfather
living in the house.Nancy's my age. So far I've helped Foster frame the great room and master bedroom and lay floor in two closets. It has been really enjoyable work.Something I don"t do every day.The locals are incredibly friendly and if you reciprocate in kind;they let you inside their lives and activities.I visited Gerald Doggett today(in his 80's)and he showed me his restored 58 Chevy,63 Super Sport Chevy,and 39 Chevy flatbed truck.He also has a model collection of every Chevrolet he ever worked on.He was a Chevy mechanic for his entire career. Very cool guy.The woodie still makes meeting people easy.I've entered a car show this coming sunday for Sea Fest.Liverpool's major summer celebration happens ever year at this time.A local car guy,Dave,asked me to enter.Well another report from the road;Pray for surf1 Ralph
Ralph Williams

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Liverpool... White Point... Rossignol ... hard-to-find WiFi and cell service... You gotta love Nova Scotia's South Shore. I envy you being there, Ralph. I have a summer cottage nearby in Port L'Hebert and had to come back to real life in Pa. three weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it there as much as I always do. Check out Port L'Hebert beach for some waves; Jeff at Rossignol knows how to get there. Your friend's project sounds interesting; good luck to you both.
Paula Goff

Anonymous said...

P.S. You are SO right about how nice the people are. That's half the attraction of going there.