Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NC Coast

Hal.thanks for your response.I will be spending 3-4 weeks on Hatteras and appreciate your tips.My best friend from college,Jim"Biggy"Vaughan owns Whalebone Surf Shops at Nags Head And VA Bch and I look forward to the waves there. Ralph

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Read about your journey in the AJC last week. Wanted to contact mainly to let you know how much I respect and appreciate your efforts. My dad was a WWII vet recvd 2 Purple Hearts. I am currently in a career transition but will send something to Shepherd when I can.
I understand from the article that you are cruising east coast surf points along your route. I took a Harley trip a few years ago and discovered Topsail Island,NC and Ocracoke Island while enroute to Outer Banks. Topsail a good surfing point especially towards south end, and unless its changed you can drive your wagon out onto the beach. Ocracoke is a cool little village with some places to pull over and surf along the way to the ferry heading north on to Hattaras. If you go to Ocracoke, be sure to ask around about the secret Army base that was built during WWII. Difficult to find anything about it on the web. people there told me some residents worked on building the base and kept it secret so that that no one on the island even knew it existed until many years after WWII. I believe it was installed to sink possible German war boats approaching US shore. May be off some on the facts and timeline but its a damned fascinating story.
Have fun on the trip and be safe.

Hal Whiteside


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Ralph Williams

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