Tuesday, September 30, 2008


KYLE came by day before yesterday and produced something rideable for the last two days.The waves were pretty at Long Sands @ York Beach,but once again the bigger waves were teasers by closing out or not allowing you to paddle into them. I know that the board I'm riding is contributing to this also;it is too narrow in the hips and too thin.I've had good days on it when the wave provides the push and steepness to get down the face,but when the wave is slow and weak at the takeoff there is not enough tail lift or glide to overcome the lack of wave power.The guys who do well here ride long,thick and wide equipment.I am still welcome out at GRAIN SURFBOARDS so the teardrop and I are safely parked in their lot and living large.I really enjoy the crews company;and it has been great to get in the water with all of them at different times the past two days.I have yet to ride one of their boards but I plan to at the next opportunity.Since I've ordered one,I should try the product.I nice German tourist(photographer)took a lot of pictures of the woodie,and promised to forward them to me.It will be interesting to see his take on an American Icon.The car contiues to amaze me as to how it stimulates conversation.It is a tremendous icebreaker.I have stayed here longer than I ever anticipated,but it was easy to do because of the friendly local surfers,Grain crew.I anticipate that i will be here another 3 to 5 days.A new swell is predicted for Wednesday,and I have developed a significant leak around the tront passenger winshield that needs to be attended to ASAP.The car gets very wet when it rains and all the temporary tape fixes have failed.Because of the challenge that the windshield caused Bruce Fair,I think I might have some difficulty getting local expertise with a split windshield '50 Plymouth.I am doing janitorial work at Grain to repay them for their generosity.They are great group of guys and I truly enjoy their acceptance of this unknown southern boy.UPDATE:another act of kindness extended my way;Robert Cushing @ ROUTE ONE GLASS 207-363-7630 resealed the woodie windshield and refused any payment.He said that was his contribution for what I am trying to do for the troops.Incredibly generous and kind.THANK YOU ROBERT!All you York Maine folks who read this please do business with ROUTE ONE GLASS.Robert is a class act.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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Unknown said...

Hey there Uncle Ralph. Glad to see the Woody window is fixed.
Hope you caught some good waves with the recent storm.
The pics are cool.
I'm hanging out in ATL this week working on the Blender w/ Aunt Marie.
Take care......