Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crossing into Maine

OH BOY! Leaving the nourishing arms of the Dolan clan in Dartmouth and Waverley,Nova Scotia is tough.They have made my visit so incredible that I could have stayed forever;I almost think they would say OK.Joanne,Gina surely contributed to me probably adding more than a few LBs.I'm thankful I can't find any scales.I was in NS for almost 4 weeks and unfortunately got in the water only 5 times.Never scored any good waves.Even Hanna fizzled.Kevin Dolan is probably overjoyed that the"surferralph"curse has finally left town.I crossed the border at Calais,Maine.The immigration folks were very supportive of my fund raising efforts.Sadly the guy who checked me across has lost 3 buddies in Iraq.If we had followed Colin Powell's advise of overwhelming,brutal force and "understood" occupation or DON'T GO,we would be more respected in the Arab world and more likely to have suffered less loss of life and quicker positive results.Once again the cowards in Washington,DC have cost needless American lives. My adventure in Maine started off immediately.I was driving down coastly US#1 for about 10 minutes when I passed a unique gentleman hitchhiking.He had a Santa Claus white beard,a VERY RED fedora,impeccably dressed in a sharp black suit with a lavender lapel flower.His tie was a ornamental collage of bright yellows topped off with a diamond stick pin fronting a dark blue shirt.To quote ZZ Top "A Sharp Dressed Man"!! I passed him and thought I cannot dis- allow myself the pleasure of his acquaintance;so I U-turned and picked up the Right Reverend Ken Marsh of the Union Episcopal Church(UEC).He is the Bishop of Maine.As he entered the woodie,I remarked I "if you are going to hurt me,at least I will go out in style".The UEC is a 400 member denomination(100 in Maine) worldwide that believes in same sex marriages,polygamy and some other things I'm sure Rev. Ken and I did not discuss.The fact that Ken was riding a woodie was gender preferable to him(he has a great sense of humor).My plan upon "picking him up" was to give him a ride to his destination and continue onto York,Maine.His plan was to try and seduce me.We did neither! Upon taking him to Eastport ME,I decided that this adventure and new companion was too rich to drive away from. Ken had me drive him to his 1901 Sears & Roebuck original family home on 3rd Street.It had several additions since the original Sears blueprint,but it as visually something out of "Hush,Hush Sweet Charlotte" or "To Kill A Mockingbird" on acid.I was entranced and slightly concerned;so I called my webmaster Ross and left a message as to exactly where I was,who I was with and Ken's phone number.I wanted them to be able to locate the body in case things did not go well.Ken and I had an incredible conversation concerning his 101 year old Mother;his just resolved legal problems,an 8 year old suit against a customs officer for physically abusing his Mother and the apparent local police retaliation for his filing of the suit.We went to dinner in a very good local restaurant with Ken refusing to allow me to pay for anything(Seduction 101).He is a great guy with alot of very interesting views on life.A conversationalist "par excellence'".We strolled around town;dropped into a 1900 originally equipped drug store which is now functioning as a scrimshaw art gallery.I talked football with the Pittsburg,PA owner who was packing up for the season,and Ken gave insight into various aspects of Eastport's history.Ken lived here most of his childhood,and after his withdrawal from the wholesale jewelry business in NYC,returned to live and care for his Mother.We returned to Sweet Charlotte and continued our conversations.He continued his conversion arguments to the gay lifestyle,and asking me if I wanted more to drink(Seduction 102).I adjourned to the teardrop trailer because of dust allergies.a pitbull(gentle) and Ken's comment that my leg hair was turning him on.I left this morning at 6:15am( not to avoid Ken),but to get on the road.I knew if I stayed it would result in more long interesting conversations and a late start.I have to be at Montauk NY by the morning of Fri 9/19 to meet my good friend Mike Shand and I don't want to rush New England.I will give Rt Rev Ken a much deserved thank you call later today.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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Unknown said...

Hey Bro - finally got back to your blog - your trip sounds FANTASTIC already and you just started!!!!! All is well in Boise - looking forward to your next insites - until then better shave those legs!! ML