Friday, September 19, 2008


After leaving the Rt Rev Ken,I headed to York,ME to visit the Grain Surfboard factory.Three observations about the drive to York:(1) I've never experienced so many people driving 47 in 55mph zones.What's with that Mainers?(2)Americans need to lighten up and take life lessons from Nova Scotians.I was treated with nothing but suspicion because I turned in a head cover for a golf club I found next to a gas pump upon my fill up.No thank you;no OK I will keep an eye out;only the curiously American "Stinkeye".(3)It was refreshing to see so many giant American flags flying in front of private homes.God Bless America!! Mike,Brad,Josh,Sarah,John & Lissa made me feel very welcome at Grain.They build totally wood boards in the "Tom Blake" tradition of airplane wing type construction.Beautiful,functional,strong and a lot of pride in craftsmanship;I'm going back after Montauk to design a Bonzer with Brad for my quiver. I had to rush through New England to get to Montauk NY(northeast tip of Long Island).Lilla and Foster Folsom caught up with me at York Beach.We teardropped together at Libby's Campground overlooking the main surfspot;no waves again.Disappointment,but I've decided that surfing is the icing on the cake of nice people and travel adventure. We went back to Grain so Foster could see the operation and lilla shoot pictures for a possible article.Lilla is going to email some of her shots;so heads up on their appearence on the site.I drove to New London CT to catch the Montauk series of ferries.More on that later.Yours with the Waves,Ralph PS Keep those emails,comments and contributions to Shepherd coming. THANK YOU

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Great to meet you at Grain Surfboards this week - your rig and your mission are amazing. We wish you all the success possible...
And good luck with the waves in Montauk - looks like there are some headed your way!
(Love the story about Reverend Ken!)