Saturday, November 22, 2008


Arrived in Charleston(CHS) late on the 20th.This place is as deep as my roots get in my life.I arrived in CHS August 1966 to attend The Citadel,the Military College of South Carolina.I met my wife,Maree Bilton,here.This is where my surfing roots are the deepest;my love affair with Folly Beach started during my Knob(freshman) year at The Citadel.We were called Knobs due to the buzz-cut haircut we were required to sport the entire year.We stood out like sore thunbs because all our contemporaries were joining the maximum folical follage dictated by the hippie era.Surfers,in particular,were required to be the harriest of the harriest;or at the least the most tanned and bleached.Being a skinned,hairless surfer was not cool from 66 to 70.The waves at Folly were pretty darn good during my college years.Anything would be pretty darn good compared to the rediculous rhythm of a Citadel cadets day to day life.I am staying with Hoot and Becky Gibson on Folly.Hoot and I are C Company classmates.I've known Becky since '68.I have also caught up with Foster and Lilla Folsom of Nova Scotia adventures earlier in this trip.They are doing well.Foster helped me reset the timing on the woodie;multi-talented man.Had a drink with Tommie and RB Bolus at Toco Boy on the beach.Tommie and I go back to 1968.We have taken numerous memorable surf trips together over the past 30 years;alone and with a cast of various characters. He is a great friend,and a fun travel partner.We always have a "big-ass" time! I could ramble on about Folly and surf adventures;but I won't bore you anymore.Folly is flat-the curse continues.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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