Friday, June 5, 2009

Start of the Woodies West June 3rd,2009

We arrived at the Iwo Jima Monument to meet our traveling companions:Gary & Terry(51 Ford Streetrod)O'Connor,Mark & Nance(48 Ford Restorod)Hunter @ 9:00am DC time.All went smoothly other than being surprised that DC rush hour peaks at 9-10 for gov't workers.I thought that they would be at work at 8:00 like the rest of the nation.AH! our tax dollars at work? We enjoyed a very beautiful ride to Gettysburg,PA Civil War battlefields.Maree and I took a side trip to Emmitsburg,MD to visit Mother Elizabeth Seton's Sisters of Charity Convent.What a lovely place for USA's 1st Catholic saint to be buried.Her basilica was magnificent.The marble and other materials were imported from Italy as well as all the artisans that painted,sculpted,carved,etc.We ended the day in Hershey,PA at the Summit Inn.Our room was in the basement of an old house that was the prototype for the Bates Motel shower scene from Psycho.Maree particularly enjoyed sleeping in terror awaiting the arrival of Anthony Perkins.She opened what she thought was our only closet to discover a darkened musty stairwell leading up into the main house.I said "what's the problem?"after she wedged a chair and large suitcase against same door.It also was the only hotel we've ever stayed in where an in room sign said "if you are going to die your hair please come to office for old towels".We figured it must be a halfway house for criminals on the lam looking to change appearances.Otherwise the savant clerk at the front desk reassured us of our safety by instructing us to "jerk" the batteries out of the smoke detectors if the continual beeping was getting on our nerves.We slept soundly in tight fetal positions eagerly awaiting the first light of dawn.

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