Monday, July 13, 2009


While in Taos,Marie and I were lucky to be here during the annual Pow Wow of the Native American tribes of the Pueblo.It is essentially a competition of traditional dances.As one can see{from the preceding pictures}the dress of the participants is incredible.I have a theory that all human beings have in their genetic coding most things their ancestors experienced.Some people are able to access deeper into their heritage coding than others.At certain times or during certain experiences these deeply buried genetic memories surface in emotional or "deja vu" feelings.I was blesssed to witness such an event experienced by Marie.The dances that we observed moved Marie to tears.She said she felt overwhelmed by the focus of the dancers ,and felt like she could move out into the circle and dance forever with them.I attribute this to the Native American genetics in Marie's family.She felt something that I as, an almost certain,100% caucasian had no genetic experience to draw upon.To see her overwhelmed by her linked heritage was very beautiful to witness.

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