Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009


The car is the star.We meet so many people because of the appeal of what Marie and I are driving.It is truly CARMA TRAVEL!You drive the car;they will come up to talk.As simple as that!


Pebble Bch, CA


Hermit"s House Big Sur


CA Weed


Elephant Seals,San Simeon,CA


Nothing to blubber about


Dude?Where's the surf?


Shut Up and get some sleep


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Cool Died that day!






JD's behind


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Sun Travel? GO AT NIGHT!

A friend of mine in college,Travis Atkins, told me that he had approached NASA about Sun travel.He said that all the scientists said it was "impossible" due to high temperatures.Travis recommended they travel at night.Marie and I have discovered that Sun travel is possible in the deserts of CA,AZ,& NM if we follow Travis'advice.We have taken to traveling at night to avoid the high temperatures ranging from 99 to 112 in daylight hours.We had a wonderful drive down Big Sur to Cambria.I checked the surf forecast for the Central and Southern Coasts of CA to determine if we would travel into LALA land and south.I was disappointed to see no waves projected for 7+ days.We decided to turn left at CA-46 and head inland to Bakersfield,Mojave,Barstow,Ludlow,Needles on our way to Northern Arizona.The intersection of CA-46 and CA-41 was the place where JAMES DEAN was killed in his Porsche Spyder.Other than that,Mojave was the operative word.Temperatures 100+ were killing us,the A/C in the car,and every living organism with a detectable pulse.We stopped early afternoon in Barstow;got a Route 66 fleabag motel to sleep until the witching hour of 8:00PM.Drove through the night to Kingman,AZ.In Kingman we took care of travel chores and left in the early AM for a left turn at Williams,AZ to view the southern rim of the GRAND CANYON from Tusayan to Cameron.I capitalized GRAND CANYON for effect.I've seen pictures,paintings,movies,documentaries,newsreels and none of them remotely did justice to the size and grandeur of the place.It blows you away!I can only imagine what a pioneer in a covered wagon thought when it all the sudden appeared in front of the mules.HOLY SH****T,Marvin come look at this ditch we got to git across!!!! For GAWD SAKES!!! don't let Bessie see this;or we're back to Boston.MY a** is grass!!What a wonder the GRAND CANYON is for all Americans.We head off to New Mexico tomorrow;let it be known to all City of Atlanta employees,New Mexico IS NOT,I REPEAT IS NOT a foreign country.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


 Mike Chase & Me


Mike & Twyla


Marie & Chases


Me & Chases II


Marie in HER brillance


Sausalito from Sausalito


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