Thursday, July 16, 2009


PIGEON PEOPLE,{ 866-570-BIRD} On arriving in Oklahoma City,we looked for something interesting to do,and chanced upon The Pigeon Museum in a flyer.Picture here with us is Chris Curtis who gave us a fun and very interesting tour of the entire facility.Randy Goodpasture and Tammy Potter greeted us on our arrival.The Center addresses all manner of pigeon interests with a focus on breeding and racing.Go to their website for a very informative insight into the fascinating world of PIGEONS.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


sunset @Taos(s@T)





fake REM

Taos hotel

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Taos,NM road angel

Mike's wall poster

MIKE BACHTEL proved to be another one of those incredibly generous strangers you meet on the road when you need help.I needed a lift to add fluid to the car's rearend,tighten my header bolts,and generally inspect the chassis for loose "whatever".He is a one man shop,and offered me his outside lift,gave me some needed tips,interrupted his current work,and then refused any compensation.All he said was "pass it forward"! Mike,I guarantee I will do that. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS

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Monday, July 13, 2009


While in Taos,Marie and I were lucky to be here during the annual Pow Wow of the Native American tribes of the Pueblo.It is essentially a competition of traditional dances.As one can see{from the preceding pictures}the dress of the participants is incredible.I have a theory that all human beings have in their genetic coding most things their ancestors experienced.Some people are able to access deeper into their heritage coding than others.At certain times or during certain experiences these deeply buried genetic memories surface in emotional or "deja vu" feelings.I was blesssed to witness such an event experienced by Marie.The dances that we observed moved Marie to tears.She said she felt overwhelmed by the focus of the dancers ,and felt like she could move out into the circle and dance forever with them.I attribute this to the Native American genetics in Marie's family.She felt something that I as, an almost certain,100% caucasian had no genetic experience to draw upon.To see her overwhelmed by her linked heritage was very beautiful to witness.

Native American Beauty

Taos Pow Wow(TPW)


Drum Circle Chants



Wonderful Warrior



Full view

Marie & Coleman

Spread your Wings


Strong & Regal

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bloomfield,NM-Taos,NM Drive

As sworn Sun Travelers,Marie and I departed at 6:00AM for Taos.Those of you who know Marie, and her hatred of any hour that ends in AM;will be proud to know that her head did not spin around and spew split pea soup.Nor did we leave at 6:66AM.She is a joy to travel with even during the hours of the beast.Believe it or not we did have to travel on US-666 to get to Bloomfield.The New Mexican welcome station said the route had been renumbered to US-491 recently due to frequent complaints from the religiously neurotic.Oh! Where was I? The drive was about 4.5 hours through the mountain elevations of NM.We drove through the heart of the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.Cool temperatures,abundant wildlife,oil and natural gas wells blending with nature.and the lovely towns of Dulce,Tierra Acarilla,Tres Piedras on into Taos.Two events spiced the drive.We crested a hill at 60mph only to see 3 fully racked male deer standing together on the edge of the pavement.Naturally,they proceeded to bound directly into our path.It was sheer luck we missed the last one.PUCKER FACTOR ZERO for both occupants of the red woodie.I've never seen a rack of antlers that large live;much less 3 sets at warp speed.Ten minutes later we passed 2 massive elk carcasses,one on each side of the road,that must have been hit the night before.They were larger than big cows.I must admit I was tempted to strap the elk on the hood of the car and drive into Taos as the Great White Hunter,BaWana.The lack of a forklift and common sense stopped that lunacy.Man,it would have made a sight!! We cruised on into Taos to celebrate"THE SUMMER OF LOVE 2009".It is the 40th anniversary of EASY RIDER which had a great deal of it filmed here.Dennis Hopper,Easy Rider's director,is a resident so the town came up with the 2009 celebration.The church bells in Taos don't ring;they BONG,if you get my drift.