Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Techno Challenged

My son Ross is my webmaster,and he told me that I am the only one who can use blog@surferralph.com to post information.So if I advised you to use that method I apologize.If you have pictures or content to share,send them to ralphuspg@gmail.com and I can forward them on to the site.That's how I go Kevin Dolan's great woodie pictures on the site.Everybody who surfs in NS is waiting for wed-sun to hit.A terrific swell is forecasted to begin tomorrow.I WILL have some exciting pictures and maybe video on the site.Keep looking.My plan is to surf the Liverpool area wed/thurs and go up midday thurs to Halifax to surf with Kevin thurs/fri/sat and maybe sun.Foster and Lila are keeping an eye on Hanna's impact on Charleston SC to see if they have to leave unexpectedly to do hurricane cleanup;hopefully not! I'm practicing my camera skills to ensure decent content.Pray for surf!! Later and hopefully very stoked and wet.Ralph

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