Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Nova Scotia over Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving

The prior 9 pictures are from a return trip to Nova Scotia that was prompted by the Hyway Mkt in Hunt's Point being reduced by 50% since I left 9/16.Unfortunately the Mkt has all sorts of potential enviromental issues:buried gas tanks,mechanics bay drip well,no septic system,questionable water,etc.When I first saw the property,the world class view of Hunt's Bay(just 2 kilometers down the road from Foster's and Lilla's house)made me think it had incredible potential for a summer home;however it proved to be Fool's Gold.I took advantage of the return to site see places I missed upon my earlier visit.Hopefully my video turns out as infocus as these few shots.ALSO,the Dolan clan stepped up to the plate bigtime by inviting me to Canadian Thanksgiving feasting along with 23 other family members.It was a culinary heaven on earth with the appropriate cardiac care EMTs on hand.I only had to be defiblirated twice during the seven course meal.I was actually hoping for a mouth-to-mouth miracle;but had to settle for the paddles.Thank You Gina,Lucio,Bill and Joanne for another unforgetable Nova Scotian moment.CONTRIBUTIONS ARE SLOW;PLEASE remember our wonderful and brave warriors with a contribution to the SHEPHERD CENTER.Just click and feel good!Thank You! Yours with the Waves. Ralph

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