Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have gone a week with no posts.The reason for it is I am having such a great time.The days have flown by with not a hint of delay.It is like time travel;only it is Karma Travel!An excellent example of time travel is the 36 years that separated Travis and I seeing each other.There was no separation in terms of friendship.We picked up as if we saw each other on a daily basis the past 36 years.What a truly wonderful feeling to experience.I cannot believe I was in Newport,RI for 10 days.It was a blink of an eye.I spent last night with Tim & Sandi Cannon.Tim is a surfing buddy I met in PR a number of years ago through Mike Shand.Tim is a true Big Wave Rider!I saw him at 20-35 foot Tres Palmas,PR during March's super swell.He rode some awsome waves with confidence and style;no wimpy tow-in stuff.He also took a huge one on the head,and had to come in 6 miles down the coast.Guts and style are a rare combination.I appreciate their hospitality.I am writing this on the Cape May ,NJ ferry on my way to Rhobeth Beach,Delaware to visit more PR friends,Tom & Nancy.I ran into a family of surfers on the ferry who are headed for Cape Hatteras,NC.The story is that the surf is "Victory @ Sea" 15-20' conditions with a forecast for the winds to go off-shore in the next 2 days.I just might have to power from Delaware to NC tomorrow to finally get some waves (or get a butt kicking).As I have said earlier in this trip,I have now been wet 7 times in 80 days.Five of the seven days were unnecessary, not complaining, only OCD'n!We are arriving in Delaware,more later.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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