Sunday, June 28, 2009


We sit here at the Santa Cruz Ranch RV Park on 6/28,and it was one week ago that I made my last entry.Woodies on the Wharf concluded yesterday,and it was day full of fun and happiness.Terry and Gary O'Connor,Nance and Mark Hunter,Wayne and MaryJane Yada,and Marie and I had an incredible day of recognition from the Santa Cruz Woodie Club for our cross country drive.To spend a day with over 180 wooden automobiles and their enthusiastic owners exceeded any expectations we had projected.The tens of thousands of spectators that came out to enjoy our cars and ask questions and take photos was very gratifying.The last time I was in Santa Cruz(SC) was with Tommy Bolus, my traveling surf buddy from Folly Beach,SC,and we scored Steamer Lane at 6-8'for 4 days.That was in the early 90's.This trip,so far,the surf has been nonexistent.Today,sunday,we are on our own and we hung out all morning after exercising.We went into SC for a lunch and walk.When we got back to the car a local surfer,Pete Drake, was admiring it.He suggested we drive past Steamer Lane to Mitchell Cove and look up his old wood shop teacher,Mr.Mitchell;reputable the first woodie owner in SC.We did,and much to our delight we were invited in for a glass of excellent wine and home cooked bacon.He and his wife,Ruth,were delightfully creative; having both been life long Santa Cruzin's,they were able to talk story about SC' surfing history.Al had lived in their house his entire life.A house filled with memorabilia and charm.He gave me some wood working repair tips for my car.He showed me his 51 Ford woodie project,and gave me a one of a kind Mitchell Cove T-shirt.The cove was named after him by his surfing students way back in the 60's.What a cool late afternoon visit with surfing lore,and two incredibly nice people.A wonderful way to end to end our day.LIFE IS GOOD FOR MARIE AND I!

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Ter :o) said...

Hey Guys!
That sounds like an excellent afternoon. Sure was great going across the US with you. Wish we were still traveling...That month went so fast! Hope to see you in Santa Rosa this week!
Ter & Gar :o)