Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello from the South!

LB,thanks for the message.All contact with home is welcome.I finally got a good day of waves yesterday(9/7/08) in Halifax at a point break called Backyards.It was 4-6' and very strong offshore winds from the remnants of Hanna.Hanna really fizzled out up here with 35 mph winds and a little rain.I'm glad NS was spared a damaging storm.The Dolan family here in Dartmouth are treating me like a king.Kevin(who I surf with)and his wife,Kathleen,have put me up for awhile as have Bill and Joanne his parents.Bill is a member of the National Woodie Club and we spent 9 hours in his garage trying to solve a break/blinker problem on the Plymouth.We solved the break light, but I'm going to have to get a new harness for the steering column to fix the blinker.We thought that an hour was all we needed and 9 hours later Voila'.You don't want to know what we discovered electrically once we dug into the situation.Let's just say;that I'm lucky that the car did not burn down.I'm happy that I have a quality"fire & termite" policy in force.I'm putting this on the website because I type so slowly it is easier to create content this way.Otherwise I would have to retype basically the same information for the blor followers.Hope you don't mind.Yours with the Waves,BIL aka Ralph

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 10:56 PM, Larry Bilton <> wrote:

Hi Ralph!

Just wanted to say "hello"!

It looks like you are enjoying yourself.

I hope that Hanna has brought you some good waves.

BTW, the Woodie looks great!  Who injured the driver'sdoor and fender chrome?

Chad was in PRthis week, and had to make a quick departure due to Ike.

Take care, and I hope the surfing waves continue your way!


Brother in law,


Ralph Williams

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