Monday, September 8, 2008

So different;So gratifying

I was out of WiFi convenience for the last several days;and can't say I really missed the cyber world.The real world here is so less cluttered from hustle and make busy stuff that Atlanta almost remembers like bedlam versus the pace of life I'm observing.I recognize that I have a unique set of circumstances traveling with me that appeal to the wanderlust in us all.However,Nova Scotia tells me that we,in America,have allowed politeness,graciousness and just hanging out with friends to have been moved to the back burners.These folks up here truly enjoy the interaction of community.They know their neighbors more than "Hi Hello How are you?".It reminds me of my Mayo Clinic experience where I learned that patient care and medicine could be delivered in an efficient,caring,polite manner with the patient's needs emphasized.It didn't have to be cold,impolite and routine.Nova Scotians have retained civility and kindness in these stressful times.I think we as Americans have fallen into the more is better trap in a huge way.We appear to worship "much" instead of enough. I'm not knocking the country I love;we just have to slow down and take the chance that less actually may be more.Enough soapbox and a few heartfelt thank you extensions. Foster and Lilla(with 2 LL's)Folsom(as in the prison) are sensational human beings.The loving arms extended my way for 2.5 weeks were so welcomed and "out of the blue" that I will never forget the experience of the Doggett Cottage of White Point.Over 200 years of family moved through that home and that same Doggett family are still within a stones throw of Foster and Lilla.They have welcomed the Folsom "foreigners"with open arms and hearts.I tell you what;The Doggetts are getting some wonderful inhabitants for new neighbors.Foster,Lilla THANK YOU from the deepest reaches of my heart!! Bill,Joanne,Mike,Kevin,Kathleen Dolan.What a great family. They have taken a perfect stranger(believe me,I'm stranger than most,and not perfect)and have opened two homes,one large garage with a "bitchen" 47 Ford woodie and a 40 Ford woodie barn find( due for repairs), and said we will feed you,bathe you(I am alone in shower),open our friendship and community to you,show you all the surf spots(including a super secret spot that will result in my death if I reveal it's location)and all you have to due is show up and enjoy our company. I did show up and I did throughly enjoy their company. I still am in their care.THANK YOU for everything so far. Also Thank You to youfolks reading along the way.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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