Monday, October 20, 2008


I never thought that I would be in ME on October 20;but I emphasized that this was Karma travel and the karma in York Beach,Wells Beach and Ogunquit was so powerful that departure was not high on my to do list.I have not missed any surf on the East Coast by remaining in Maine.Everywhere has been flat or getting one day swells.I plan on heading to Rhode Island to see Travis Atkins,NJ to see Tim Cannon and Rehobeth Beach,DE to see some folks(Tom & Nancy) I know from PR.I'm in Ocean City,MD after Rehobeth for high school memories reasons. Then I will head directly to Cape Hatteras,NC to spend several weeks with Jim and April Vaughn,owners of WHALEBONE SURF SHOPS(circa 1975). Jim is a Citadel Classmate and a very special friend.He married way above himself when April agreed to be his bride.I have been on the road 66 days and been wet 7 times.I have not caught one memorable wave.What a special passion surfing is in my life.It is elusive;but so satisfying when available.I have been blessed with serendipity all my life;and surfing has been the common thread since 1964. The incredible trip continues.Let us heal one brave warrior at The Shepherd Center;PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!! Yours with the Waves! Ralph

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