Thursday, October 23, 2008

Newport Rhode Island

The curse continues;flat,no waves.I am going to take advantage of the clear,cold(34 degrees)day to site see Newport and it's grand houses.Pictures will follow.I will meet Howard Goldsmith at 3:30pm to catch up. I last saw him and his son in Costa Rica in the early 90's.Howard was just elected into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.He was the 1st manufacturer of boards in New England in the early 60's.He went on to make his fortune in the fiberglass portolet business(as his slogan said;he was #1 in the#2 business) and interiors of upper-end yachts.I actually saw one of his original "Goldie" surfboards at the Grain factory in York,ME.After Howard,I am having dinner with Mary Ellen Atkins(Travis' wife) at 6:00pm.Travis is a Citadel classmate and surfing buddy.He is returning from a consulting trip to Florida late tonight.I hope to spend some time with him Friday.The trip continues to be incredibly fun! ALL WHO HAVE SAID THEY WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THE Shepherd Center ;PLEASE CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON TO THE RIGHT AND HELP A BRAVE Brain Injured OR Paralyzed WARRIOR.They deserve our support;and you deserve to feel good! I recognize economic times are tough.Just think how tough it is for the families of these incredible women and men who fight for freedom and become lifetime injured.PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEARTS,THANK YOU!Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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