Wednesday, December 10, 2008

END OF THE LONG WONDERFUL ROAD:August 15th to December 9th

It is hard to express what the last 116 days on the highways of Canada and America have meant to me.I have been loved,befriended,refriended,Citadel storied,helped,directed,instucted,ooh'd & ah'd over,car-talked,surf-storied,housed,fed,fattened,exercised,tanned,chilled,thrilled,amazed,driven fast,driven slow,cruised,raced,out-of-touched,stayed in contact,CD'd,radio'd,duck dove,late take-off'd,wipedout,paddled,rode a few,felt stoked! The East Coast of North America(The Edge of America ala Folly Beach,SC) is a very friendly place to travel;as I'm sure the rest of the world is if given the opportunity and approached with an open mind and respectful attitude.In 116 days I did not have one bad encounter.Obviously,driving a bright red 1950 Plymouth woodie with surfboards atop,and pulling a "cute" trailer enhances your immediate acceptance.However, it is the people along the way who made this an incredibly memorable experience.The scenery was diverse and beautiful,but could not touch the diversity and beauty of all the people who reached out and touched my life in such a consistently positive fashion.I will never,ever forgot what you did and have done for me.I am refreshed,reborn and ready to move forward with the next chapter of living.My tank is full of humble gratitude.THANK YOU EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE who helped make the past 116 days such a rich,human experience.Yours with the Waves,Ralph

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ralph, we've been missing you around here and wondering how the rest of the trip went. So glad to read your blog and get caught up. Keep in touch with us (obviously we will as we owe you a board) and hopefully we'll see you in the spring.
Grain Surfboards