Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montauk NY 09/21/2008

Arrived here day before yesterday and stayed the night in the state campground awaiting Mike Shand's next day arrival.The drive down from York Bch,ME was uneventful except for the highlight of riding 3 ferries to get from New London,CT to Montauk.I plan on going back to York,ME to "redo" New England so I will shoot ferry pictures upon my return.Montauk feel wise is a lot like Folly Beach SC only with more money.Apparently it was only discovered by the yuppies about 8 years ago so the spoilage isn't widespread yet.The average surfing age appears to be in the upper 40's.A ton of longboarders in the water;average talent.We got a 3-4' swell yesterday that Mike and I had fun in,but it was very slow and lazy.I will load some shots of the local area later.I finally figured out what my GoPro wrist(H2O Proof) camera was doing and that was how i got the Nova Scotia shots on that preceed this entry.Swell dropped last night so we went site-seeing a little this AM.Keep contributing to the Shepherd Center and thanks for your interest and support.Yours with the Waves. Ralph

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