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Today,09/27/2008,is a dreary,rainy,waiting for TS KYLE waves type of day in York,ME.It is a perfect day to do A DAY IN THE LIFE OF GRAIN SURFBOARDS.The prceeding 20 pictures are representative of a typical day at the factory;with the exception that this is "B-DAY" for the students who have been creating their boards over the past 6 days.Their boards must be ready for glassing by the end of the day.AMY,GARY,RICARDO & RYAN have put their hearts,soul and sweat equity into 4 very beautiful surfboards.I have watched the birthing process since the 22nd,and have been impressed by the newly learned skills,design differences,and outright enthusiasm of all four artisans.Coincidentally,they all decided to build 10'longboards.However,other than the length;the boards are distinctly unique in their visual appearances and reflect the personality of each builder.The quality of their individual work is truly remarkable;particularly considering that none of these folks have ever built a surfboard.One of them has never surfed.The staff at GRAIN is oh so supportive but the work is always the students.What a cool experience!!My hat is off to all of their beautiful boards;a "professional"results for sure.

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