Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Surfrider Foundation

It was fortuitous to run into Tom Muse and his wife,Nancy Atlas, at breakfast this morning at John's Pancake House,Montauk,NY.Tom is the volunteer director of the Surfrider Foundation(SF) Eastern LI and a friend of Mike's.Tom invited us to attend a walk around the Montauk Lighthouse to hear what the Corp of Engineers wants to do with erosion control at the base of the structure vs the SF position of evaluating moving the lighthouse inland.It was very enjoyable learning opportunity and highlighted the power that volunteers can use to impact bureaucratic decisions.I am hopeful that Tom will be successful in getting a balanced fact-finding for the move vs seawall COE recommendations.The rest of the day was overcast and pretty laidback.Mike heads back to PR tomorrow and I head back to New England and York,ME.

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