Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hatcher Center,Inc Blairs,VA

You don't know how selfish you are until you visit a thriving community of intellectually challenged tax paying US citizens.Maree and I were blessed (and I truly mean BLESSED) to spot a sign on US 29 advertising quilts & sock monkeys.I am a sucker for sock monkeys.They give off good vibrations and are hard to find.We pulled a U-turn and ended up spending one of the most joyous 1.5 hours of my life at the Hatcher Center for the intellectually challenged.It should be the center for the joyously gifted.I have never been around so many people so happy to see us,so happy to be working,so happy to be doing an excellent job,so happy to meet strangers,and so proud to be productive "tax-paying" citizens.What an incredible collection of human treasures!Chris Wright,executive director, and Teresa,director of the gift shop,gave us a behind the scenes tour of all the businesses that this small band of human dynamos support:computer boards,gas meter disassembly,sock monkey fabrication,quilt making,pallet assembly,dogbone candy marketing,transformer metal salvage.These folks do everything with enthusiasm!What a sight to behold.America,quit complaining and get your butts in gear.The Hatcher Center demonstrates that there is a place in America for every race,creed,gender to happily succeed with dignity and joy.I even left with a outstanding sock monkey named Hatcher.

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