Friday, June 5, 2009

Hershey PA to Columbus,OH June 4th

Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Ohio for 7.5 hours with a stop at Wright-Patterson AFB to see the Air Force Aviation Museum(AFAM).The AFAM is the most incredible collection of airplanes one could ever see.Wright Brothers to Space Shuttle,all original planes housed inside huge hangerlike buildings;hanging from the ceiling were C-133D aircraft and other huge flyers.UNBELIEVABLE!!!! ALL FREE!!!! Made you so proud to be an American.Retired military volunteers everywhere to tell you the details.Visitors in wheelchairs pointing out to their grandkids"I flew that jet" in Viet Nam.I overheard a man tell his son(my age) he flew that specific C-30 back from France at the end of WWII.Living history everywhere;the actual plane that ended WWII by dropping the bomb on Hiroshima was right in front of us.A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!!As for us,all the cars and occupants are operating properly.We are a lucky band of fellow travelers.A long drive day,but one of the few we have ahead of us.Viper Red,Dark cherry,and Pearlescent dark sea green are obviously compatible colors.WAGONS HO !!

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